Jaipur Part 2 – A day in the Pink City


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How you guys are doing? Summer is finally here and the Sun is already being unpleasant to the people in plains. Unlike those dreamy European summers, we have got our own peculiar one, with monotonous, dry and duffy days. The only thing to be excited about summer when you belong to a plain region in India is ‘Mango’. Mangos and more mangos! And also, Ice cream, Lassi, shakes, chilled frappes and basically everything which have got ice in it! Isn’t it? Well, yeah! Today I’m up with part 2 of my travel blog from Jaipur. It’s about the 3rd day we spent in Jaipur. And I’ll be sharing my experience of wandering in the Royal Palaces and busy streets of Jaipur.

Jal Mahal, JaipurThe majestic Jal Mahal Place


3rd day in Jaipur mainly includes hopping around the city and eating anywhere everywhere. Midday was spent driving in the city and praising the beautiful architecture of uncountable pink old buildings and forts. Jaipur, being the capital of the Maharaja state of India has inherited its rich culture and heritage from the Rajput Kings and royal families. People here still dress up in their colorful traditional clothes. You cannot roam in this city without seeing men in colorful turbans playing ‘Tanpuras’ (a traditional musical instrument) or presenting ‘Kathputali dance’ (puppet show) at every other corner and in every second street. You also cannot roam in this city without admiring the beautifully carved monuments, temples and forts.

The reason behind Jaipur being popularly known as ‘Pink City’ is the color of its old structure and forts. Maximum of the forts has been built with pink sandstone and other old structures are also painted in brick red or terracotta pink. So, when the night takes over and the whole city is lit, it illuminates in pink. Ages back, Sawai Raja Madho Singh II of Jaipur passed an order to paint the city ‘pink’ to welcome Prince Albert. Later, the Queen of Jaipur requested the King to make this color scheme mandatory to every resident of the city. The terracotta pink color of the city is itself a symbol of warm welcome and hospitality to which the state of Rajasthan is known for.

Ajmeri Gate is one of the oldest areas of Jaipur from where you will find a trail of forts and old monuments. The Ajmeri Gate area reminded me of the Chandani Chowk Bazaar in Delhi. So, from all the knick knacks to the things of utmost importance, one can find everything at this place.  And especially the handmade things like bags, chappals, jewelry, sarees, ghagra and other clothes, with popular Jaipuri embroidery all over, are easily accessible without burning a hole in your pocket. We roamed for a while in the streets, ate whatever looks edible to us. And also I picked some handcrafted stuff to gift my friends.

Next sightseeing spot was Jal Mahal, popularly known as ‘Water Palace’. To me one of the most beautiful and serene place amidst the busy city. This palace is a 250 years old architecture which floats majestically in the center of Man Sagar Lake. We parked our car in the parking area beside the main road and at the opposite side was a view which had me by my heart! This beauty before me was a symmetrical palace built by Raja Madho Singh I, not for the residential purpose but for his duck hunting sessions in the lake and other recreational activities. In the backdrop of the lake stand the hills of Aravali adding the scenic aura of the place. We spent around an hour at this place doing nothing apart from staring at the beauty and clicking pictures.

We returned back to the city and were on the way to Birla temple. I’m not a temple runner 😝 (visitor) at all, but this place was recommended by one of my friends. The Birla temple is an all white architecture (I love white architectures), built with pure white marbles. The years old structure built at the foot of Moti Doongri Fort was gleaming under beautiful lightening as the evening took over. We stayed there for about half an hour. Clicking pictures was not permitted so we sat idle staring at other big structures opposite to us.

I easily loose myself in aura and beauty of the places I explore. I don’t know whether it’s the good part or the bad but it’s oddly satisfying. Since the night was taking over so we returned home all tired and sleepy. Had our dinner somehow and fell back to sleep. And in my sleep, I don’t remember whether I dreamt myself as some royal resident of those majestic forts or just a local woman wearing ‘Ghaghra chunni’ and selling puppets to the tourist.

Here’s a photo walk of my visit to these places. Will be summing up my Jaipur travel story in part 3rd of this post 😊

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Jal Mahal, Jaipur

Jal Mahal, JaipurThis serene structure standing amidst the Man Sagar Lake.

Jal Mahal, Jaipur

Posing everywhere anywhere!

Sharing laughter and stories wherever we go!

Jal Mahal, JaipurBlurry Memories!

JaipurColors from the streets of Ajmeri Gate 🙂




To click a picture with him is not an easy task. He keeps making faces!

Hawa Mahal - JaipurHawa Mahal at the evening!

Jaipur - Birla templeMoti Doongri Fort (above) from the premises of Birla Temple!


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