Postcard from Kausani – Trip to a Himalayan Village

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I have been quite a lazy bum since I posted the last story on my blog. But now to be regular with the blogging is one of my new year’s vow. Ha-ha! I know this thing doesn’t work much, but yes why not. Keep telling yourself what you need to do and what not works a lot in my part. So today I’m sharing a story from my recent road trip to beautiful Himalayan village, Kausani in Uttarakhand.

kmvn-resort-kausaniA postcard from Kausani village, Uttarakhand

It was moreover a surprise trip with my friends. No prior plans and bookings just a random getaway. But believe me, random travel experiences turn out to be more beautiful than planned one. It was my first road trip with friends so I was excited than ever. We started late afternoon from Lucknow and reached Kathgodam by midnight. And decided to drive further to Nainital which is en route Kausani and approx 25 km from Kathgodam.

Driving uphill in the night is a crazy experience. Chilling breeze in the silent mountains becomes cherry on the top. Though we didn’t have any plan to stay in Nainital but it was already 1 at midnight by the time we reached there and driving further was not a good idea. So we decided to stay back. Personally, I don’t have a soft corner for overcrowded places and Nainital is one of them. But at 1 in the midnight it looked pleasant. No crowd, no busy markets, and not a single person around. The Naini lake looked so calm with the reflection of street lights. We took a stroll by the side of the lake to find a good place to stay in. And we found one after sneaking in for half an hour.

Next morning, everything looked lovely until the place got crowded 😛
We roamed around mall road, seeing places and doing random things and also got a good place for brunch.  After spending some time in busy streets of Nainital we headed to Kausani. To me the most awaited place on our entire trip. Took little breaks and stopped at few places on the way to capture the view and sip coffee, the only thing which kept us warm and going. Nainital to Kausani is a beautiful journey in itself. Breathtaking view, tea gardens, huge pine and oak tree covered mountains and the river stream flowing underneath. I could feel the cool breeze against my face. The aroma of fog and mist, mixed with some chill in the air was heavenly. Everything so beautiful about mountains. Isn’t it?

We reached Kausani in evening and again we were on the same mission of searching a good hotel to stay in. Finally, we decided to go for KMVN resort. This was one of the best decision we made on our trip. This beautiful resort is run, managed and aided by Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam. A big property with colorful lawns, individual cottages and rest houses. Their staffs were really courteous and helping. We ordered dinner and it tasted very homemade. We were so tired to think anything but our blankets and bed. The night went colder and the howling mountain wind seemed to be fading as I fell asleep. In my sleep, I dreamt of leopards in the woods, pine, and sun on the snow laden hills.

The morning in Kausani is one of the most beautiful mornings I witnessed in my life. I still don’t know how I managed to get up and come out of my bed at 6 in the morning in spine chilling cold. Maybe my inner motivation to see a sunrise in Kausani worked quite strong. The sunrise looked more like my last night’s dream. Standing on our balcony we stared at the majestic Nanda Devi peak for more than an hour. The snow covered Trishul peak along with Panchchuli peak was also clearly visible. At first when dawn broke the peaks looked crimson red and then slowly they changed color from crimson to orange and to golden as the sun came up.

This was a totally ‘stole my heart’ view I have seen in a while. Staring the sunrise in mountains for hours has always been my bucket list. And now I was pretty much sure about marking ‘been there, done that’ before this part of my list. A boy from room service rang the bell with a kettle in his hand. I poured the hot tea for us and took my cup to the balcony. Stared endlessly at the sunrise, mountains, the snow laden peaks, a flock of birds and those three dog sitting on the terrace of a house next to our resort.

It was a beautiful day. I was ready to go out and lose myself somewhere in the wilderness of Kausani. Before heading out the staff served us breakfast and the menu was really huge. Plus it was complimentary with our stay. 😛
We decided to visit Baijnath temple which was around 40 minutes drive from Kausani village. The temple of Baijnath is an ancient temple of lord Shiva and goddess Parvati built on the bank of river Gomti in Bageshwar district. This ages old structure was built by Kumaon Katyuri King with black stones. We spend about an hour in the temple complex capturing views and watching the fishes in the pond owned by temple’s  administrative board.

After visiting the temple we still had the half day left with no further plans. We decided to climb a hill in Bageshwar. It was really fun to climb uphill and walk in the woods with an idea of doing nothing in our minds. The hilltop again offered the captivating view of Nanda Devi peaks. And while coming downhill I picked up some pine leaves and stiff pineapple like fruits from pine trees. I’m always in a habit of picking things when visiting places.

On our way back to the hotel we stopped at Heritage Resort for our late lunch and tea break. This was a beautifully kept resort with its rooftop cottages offering gorgeous views of Kausani. We loved this place so much that our short tea and lunch break extended to two hours. But we could not afford to miss the sunset from our balcony so we needed to rush to the hotel.

After reaching our hotel I quickly changed into my jammies, wrapped around a warm pashmina shawl gifted by mom and headed to the balcony with a cup of tea in my hand. Sat down with my favorite partner in crime gazing at the sunset until the darkness took over and until I finished my second cup of tea.

There’s still a lot left to tell you about this place! I will be sharing rest of the story in my next post. 🙂
Until then,

nainital lake viewEarly morning scenes in Nainital 🙂

Nainital raod side viewWhen the lake changes color with Sun going upward!

Being touristy 😛

Mandatory touristy pictures!!

kausani - ranikhetCaptured this beauty on the way to Kausani!

kausani-nanda-devi-peakWoke up to this view next morning…

kausani nanda devi peakThis is how the hills change color as the sun goes up!

Those Himalayan peaks behind me looked like a painting!

I wanted a picture at this very homelike lawn of our resort.

baijnath temple kausaniRiver Gomti being humble at the foots of holy Baijnath temple

baijnath temple kausaniThe beautiful Baijnath temple of Lord Shiva.

baijnath temple kausaniRituals..

Hill climbing -to do list when you are in Kausani 🙂

Ended up picking these fruits from pine trees!!

kausani heritage resortOn our way back to Hotel..

heritage resort kausaniRooftop lawns at Heritage resort, Kausani

kausani uttarakhandUnapologetic 😛

Admiring the panoramic view is my favorite ‘things to do’ in Kausani

kausani-sunset, KMVNThe sunset seemed so unreal!

kausani-sunsetAfter the sun winked behind the mountains…!

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The description of the place and pictures are awesome..