Postcard from Kausani – A morning in Himalayan Village

Hey, everyone!
So it’s finally 2017. Time flies away in a wink. Isn’t it? How you guys doing and how is the mood of weather at your place? Snowfall or rain? It’s crazy how weather shows its different facets every other day. Also, I’m grateful for so much love on my previous travel blog from Kausani. I remember, I made a promise to myself to be regular with my blogging and writing. And hope I keep sticking with it.

Today, I’m up with the second part of my travel blog from Kausani. 3rd and 4th day in Kausani were full of adventure and unplanned escapades. Our morning started with sipping a trail of caffeine in our balcony and staring at the sunrise and the snow capped mountains. I laced up my shoes to take a stroll around this beautiful village. It was going to be an another beautiful day. ‘Extreamly beautiful’ I mumbled to myself.

After an extensive brunch session, we headed to Rudradhari fall and caves. This place is located at a distance of 12 km from KMVN rest house. On our way to Rudrdhari Fall, we climbed a hill which had a little earthen house made on it. Climbing to the hilltop gives a happiness which is irreplaceable. The panoramic view from the top was something which can’t be put in words. Green and more green everything. And then a feeling of immense peace. We spend around two hours sitting idle and sometimes clicking pictures of the gorgeous mountains around us. I had totally fallen in love with Kausani for its raw, untouched beauty.

It took us 30 minutes to reach Kantali village from where it’s 2 km of a small trek to Rudradhari fall. We passed through a lush pine forest walking on the uneven, narrow rocky pavement. It was an adventure of its own kind. The echo of shrill voices of wild birds, the gush of wind making husky sound around us was a bit creepy but exotic. And then a snake crossed our path sending some serious goosebumps to my spine. We finally reached the Rudradhari fall after an adventurous trek. This place is surrounded by mountains and dense forest. One can also visit the Someshwar temple of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu located near the waterfall.

On our return trek, I saw a group of women from nearby villages carrying big bundles of wooden sticks on their head which they use as fuel to cook food. Their faces were barely visible due to the loads. Barefooted, they climbed the rocky path full of twists and turns with their subtle moves which were really surprising. The path which was a trekking adventure to us, to them, it was a daily routine. Somewhere deep inside I felt quite awkward on our stupidity. We come to visit these beautiful mountain villages, put on our most shinier shoes and take a walk around to call it an adventure. We admire the beauty and return back to our cozy homes. But the things which we don’t observe is their strenuous way of living. A lifestyle quite too difficult to deal with.

To me, the beauty of a mountain lies in its local residents. These hardworking people are one who make their living out of very limited resources. And at the same time they protect, preserve and take care of these places as their little children. Though the mountains have their own healing properties. Like a phoenix, they rise out of their own residue. They grow, they bloom and become a home to many wild birds and animals and humans too. But still, they need to be looked after. They need to be pampered and loved back.

Next, we decided to visit the Kausani tea estate. This tea garden is really huge and one can take long strolls, smell and get lost in the aroma of this place. They also have a tea factory attached to the garden and nearby shops offer freshly packed and handpicked tea leaves to tourists and visitors. I had never seen a tea garden before this. It’s worth visiting for the way they do the terrace farming in tea gardens which look strikingly beautiful.

Again we needed to be back before sunset. We didn’t want to miss the gorgeous view of snow clad mountains from our resort at the time of sunset. And on the way back we picked up fish to be cooked on demand for our sangria night. One more beautiful day came to an end in Kausani. The more I was knowing this place the more I was falling for it. I so desperately wanted to stay back in Kausani. ‘But we are the tourists, we need to be back home’ I reminded myself.
Until next time!

Kausani, UttarakhandCouldn’t get enough of this view

Kausani, UttarakhandMornings scene be like

I was trying to pose but this view behind me had it all 😛

When in hills, I keep dancing to my own tune!

Kausani, UttarakhandThis gorgeous view from the top of a hill!

Kausani, UttarakhandThe urban Yogi 😛

I think I was already having a pre-withdrawal symptom

Kausani, UttarakhandMiss Kausani 😛

Kausani, UttarakhandBoys trying to strike a pose.. failure!

Kausani, UttarakhandThe happy picture!

kausani (11)Way to Rudradhari waterfall.

Kausani, UttarakhandWhile on the way to trek

Kausani, UttarakhandFollowed this river stream to reach the Rudradhari waterfall!

Kausani, UttarakhandWe found this on our trek, Local people use to collect the natural glue from trees.

Kausani, UttarakhandThis natural cave structure near the waterfall.

Kausani, UttarakhandThe waterfall at Rudradhari is fairly visible in the rainy season.

The happiness after trekking through a “not so easy’ path!

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